A TikTok studio in Karachi gets sealed for setting up a fake police station

A TikTok studio in Karachi gets sealed for setting up a fake police station

Tiktok, which has now become the worlds 2nd most downloaded app, is being heavily criticized for its violating content. The users have started making unlawful videos. Due to its lousy content, many people want it to be banned in Pakistan. Although it is trendy among youngsters, the users take such astonishing steps to make their videos viral, which are also criticized. 

Earlier in Karachi, some tiktokers had set up a fake police station in a flat at Sun Beam apartment in Pahlawan Goth in the area of Gulistan-e-Jauhar.

Iqbal Sheikh, the DSP of Shahra-e-Faisal told that some local people informed that a police station had been set up there. The Glisten-e-Jauhar police immediately raided on the fake police station.

When the police arrived there, the police station was locked. The police then broke the lock and went inside. The inside view of the place was just like the real police station. There was a jail cell and an SHO’s room having a green sheet table, pictures of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, a telephone and a Sindhi police monogram. Everything was put up in the same way as in a real police station. 

The police sealed the studio although no one was arrested.

Iqbal Sheikh also said that he has a TikTok video in which some tiktokers are wearing police uniforms, showing one of them as an SHO and ASI. 

The police have also registered a case against such social media admirers.

On May 15th the local police arrested two people who were wearing police uniforms and were performing on a song, dishonouring the uniforms sacredness on the popular app TikTok.

On this, the Naseerabad police took immediate action and arrested the two individuals being shown in the video.

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