China predicted to be hit with a second wave of Covid-19 due to lack of immunity among residents

China predicted to be hit with a second wave of COVID-19 due to lack of immunity among residents

Originating from the Wuhan city of China, the epidemic disease coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, affected the whole world. The disease spread out globally in the first quarter of 2020 and paralyzed the world as a whole. Not only effecting and taking the lives, but the wave of COVID-19 destructed the global economy as well. 

After the massive destruction of lives caused in the first quarter of 2020, there is now a prediction about another wave of COVID-19 to hit China. There is a chance that this wave will be responsible for taking more lives, as the Chinese people are less immune to it. It would be a challenge for Chinese stakeholders as well. It has been well observed how the Chinese doctors and medical staff, along with their government officials, fought with the disease. The entire world praised and admired their efforts during their hard times.  

From the very first day of COVID-19 case in China up to now, the Chinese have compromised 4600+ lives, whereas the confirmed COVID-19 cases toll up to 82000+. After the gradual increase in the cases, the government of China enforced a lockdown in Wuhan, which was also rolled across the other cities within a week. These lockdowns have proved to be right; the cases gradually came down, and things were somehow under control. In April, there was not even a single case reported, and this streak went up to 35 days without any case. The state then decided to ease down the restrictions and lockdowns. This ease in lockdowns was not proved to be healthy; the reports about cases again started and were gradually going up. This situation again put China under the covers, and their medical officials now predict that this second wave of the COVID-19 disease may be proven more harmful than the first one. The main reason behind it is the lack of immunity among the residents because they now have lesser resistance to it. 

On the other hand, their researchers and epidemiologists are still busy preparing the vaccine as soon as possible. More than 90 per cent of the world population is also facing lockdowns in their countries. All are aiming to come out of this troubling situation as soon as possible.

One of the senior medical advisers of China told that the lack of immunity among the Chinese residents could be the cause for concern in spurring another wave of infections. This wave would also be equally harmful to the recovered patients of COVID-19 as their immunities are not developed like they were in the first hit. This second wave of the disease likely to be spread in the early fall.

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