Ertugral Ghazi’s statue put down in Lahore

Ertugral Ghazi’s statue in Lahore

The Turkish TV series Dirlis Ertugral is being aired on Pakistani television in Urdu. Although the series is top-rated among many countries, Pakistani people are extremely crazy for it. It was broadcasted on the television on the orders of the prime minister Imran Khan, and over 133 million people have already watched the series from 25 April to 14 May in Pakistan. Also, its episodes are trending on YouTube in Pakistan.

The members of the Maraghzar housing scheme in Lahore are so obsessed by the character of Ertugral in the series that they have paid tribute to him by setting up an artistic statue of Ertugral near their locality.

The statue is seen holding a sword and riding the horse and is situated along the Multan road. The statue shows the courage, greatness and victory of Ertugral to the people. It also encourages the youth to learn about the history of Islam.

The president of the Maraghzar housing scheme, Muhammad Shahzad Cheema told that he decided to construct the statue of Ertugral when some of the residents came up with the idea of paying tribute to him. He also said that the statue is made in the city of Kamalia in the district Toba Tek Singh, by using fibre and metal.

There are two statues that show Ertugral on a horse. One of them has been shown to the public while the other will soon be unveiled to the public.
The secretary-general of the scheme, Sohail Anwar Rana said that the place where the first statue is placed would be called Ertugral Ghazi Chowk.
When the whole country was watching and adoring the show and got obsessed with it, I had already read about him, said Cheema. He also added that he was touched by the way Ertugral united the whole nation and established the Ottoman empire.

There is not much information available about Ertugral Ghazi of 13th century since the first works related to him came after 100-150 years when the Ottoman empire was found.

According to the writer and producer of the series, Mehmet Bozdag, the reality is not important. There is not much information about the period we are introducing―not more than 4-5 pages. Even the names are changed in all references. There is no accuracy about this historical information. We are just creating a story by dreaming.

Since the statue has been displayed, it has become the centre of attention for the public. Masses are gathering to watch it and to take photos with it.

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