Hospitals in Lahore and Karachi failed to accommodate more patients due to rise in cases

Hospitals in Lahore and Karachi failed to accommodate more patients due to rise in cases

There’s no more space to admit more patients in hospitals since the cases are increasing on a daily basis, and the hospitals are already loaded. The cases have already exceeded China’s number.

According to government officials, the situation is under control, but the health authorities consider that the already burdened healthcare system cannot handle the rush of the COVID-19 patients.
In the cities of Lahore and Karachi, the hospitals are already facing trouble due to the rushing of the patients. Even some of the private hospitals are sending back patients since they have no more capacity to accommodate them.

Karachi, having a population of almost 15 million people is badly hit by the coronavirus and is facing terrible conditions. Government and private hospitals having only 136 ventilators are dealing with coronavirus patients.
The country’s total cases are 95,458 out of around 71,000 cases are only in Punjab and Sindh. However, only 14,000 beds are available for patients in government and private hospitals.

Dr Faiyaz Alam, an official of Pakistan Islamic medical association (PIMA), said that many patients are calling us regularly to be admitted in the hospital. Still, due to the shortage of beds, we cannot help them. He further added that, if the cases continued to rise, then hospitals wouldn’t be able to control it.

After India, Pakistan is the worst affected country in the region and is spotted on 17th number worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic.
In addition to politicians and parliamentarians, many of the doctors have also died due to the virus. However, according to doctors, the worst is yet to come.

According to the secretary-general of Pakistan association “June and July are very crucial as we expect a sharp rise in already fast-increasing coronavirus cases in the country.”

Furthermore, he added, young doctors are being pushed to handle the ICU’s and ventilators in many of the hospitals since over 2,200 nurses, and doctors have self-isolated themselves after getting infected by the coronavirus. It’s not a good thing at all because young doctors don’t have the required experience. As the cases are increasing daily, the government has decided to increase the number of ventilators and have also made an application which tells about the availability of ventilators in the hospitals.
A member of the Punjab Corona Experts Advisory Group, Dr Asad Aslam told that with the increasing number of patients, we are also increasing the number of ventilators. In Lahore, 200 ventilators have already been arranged for critical patients in government hospitals and 100 more ventilators will be arranged by June 30.

However, Dr Faiyaz Aslam said that the patients will now be conducted from their homes by using the mobile health units because the hospitals have no more capacity to admit more patients.

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