Indian spy quadcopter shattered down by Pakistan Army

Indian spy quadcopter shattered down by Pakistan Army

An Indian spy drone was shot down by Pakistan army in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), close to the Line of control (LoC) as told by Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) on Wednesday.

The Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), in a tweet, said that the Indian quadcopter was hit in the Rakh Chakri sector along the LoC.

Furthermore, the ISPR tweeted that “The quadcopter had intruded 650 meters on Pakistan’s side of the #LoC”.

India is boosting border terrorism, as per the reports.

The Pakistan army has stopped the improper action of the coward Indian army.

Last month, another Indian quadcopter crossed the Pakistani side of the LoC in Shankh district for surveillance. The Pakistani army responded aggressively to this violation by the Indian army and shot down the Indian quadcopter after it intruded 600 metres in Shankh district.

The ISPR said, “Such unwarranted acts by the Indian army are a clear violation of established norms, existing Air Agreement between the two countries and reflects Indian army’s consistent disregard to ceasefire Understanding of 2003”.

The Indian military uses these quadcopters for the aerial photography of Pakistani posts along the LoC as part of its intelligence gathering operations and target selection before carrying out the cross- LoC shelling, as told by the military sources.

In March last year, Pakistan had claimed to shoot down an Indian surveillance quadcopter in the Rakh Chakri sector, as it intruded about 150 metres in Pakistan’s airspace.

On international media, the Indian journalists are saying that “As COVID-19 is spreading all around the world, India is still not taking any proper actions to stop it”. It seems like India is more interested in messing with its neighbour country instead of focusing on its people in this epidemic situation. That’s why it is messing with China in Ladakh and has started border fights with Nepal and is now spying Pakistan.

The steps being taken by India are extremely cowardly but hats off to the Pakistan army that shot down the spying quadcopter at Rakh Chakri sector.

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