NAB leaves the PMLN president's residence after confirming his absence

NAB leaves the PMLN president’s residence after confirming his absence

The National Accountability Bureau NAB left Shahbaz Shareef’s model town residence in Lahore, after waiting for hours, outside his house.

Recently, the PMLN president Shahbaz Shareef missed another hearing with the anti-graft watchdog due to which NAB team and police had gathered outside his model town residence in Lahore.

Live footage on the TV has shown that many party workers were protesting against NABs actions. On the other hand, it could also be seen in the live footage that the police officials were stopping the workers and the media persons from advancing towards his residence and barricades were set up to block them.  

According to the reports, the NAB then headed to the former prime minister Nawaz Shareef’s residence in Jati Umra, in an attempt to arrest him.

The PMLN president missed the NAB hearing regarding the cases of money laundering and authority of assets beyond means due to health concerns.

In a statement, the PMLN president said that he could not appear in the hearing. Since the coronavirus cases are increasing and that many of the NAB officers have also tested positive for COVID-19. He further added that I am a cancer survivor and 69 years old, due to which I am at higher risk of coronavirus. Therefore, the NABs investigative team could ask me questions via Skype.

Later, Mariam Aurangzeb reached the model town and criticized the government saying that the whole nation knows the nefarious agendas of the NAB Niazi nexus. Despite all this, Shahbaz Shareef continued to appear before the law. She further added that the PMLN president had already given his written statement to the anti-graft body that he won’t be able to make his appearance due to the coronavirus pandemic. He added that the divisional bench of LHC had arranged the hearing for the petition for tomorrow. 

Another PMLN leader Malik Ahmed Khan said that the purpose of all these actions taken by the government is to divert the attention of the people from the upcoming budget, to hide their weaknesses.

However, Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan, the Punjab information minister said that today Shahbaz Shareef proved that he was not a leader but a ‘geedar’. When he came back from London, he bragged that he came here to fight with the coronavirus on his brothers advise. He further added, the international protocol is 14 days [in quarantine] not 1400 days.

He said that Shahbaz Shareef should have appeared in the hearing when he was called. But he refused because he is guilty of the corruption in Pakistan.

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