PIA on grounding pilots with suspicious licences

PIA works on grounding pilots with suspicious licences

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) announced on Friday that it has grounded the 150 pilots having fake pilot licences. This decision came after an investigation of the PIA plane crash (22nd May) which took lives of 97 people. The results of the research showed that the pilots were at fault due to which the plane crashed.

The fake licenced pilots are also alleged to be guilty of not giving their exams. There are allegations that they paid other people for taking exams in place of them.

According to the PIA tweet, these licences were provided by the competent authority and are authentic according to their records.

The issue caught more attention when in National Assembly, the Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan announced that 150 PIA pilots have dubious licences. In his report, he also told that 860 civilian commercial pilots are active out of which 262 have not even given exams themselves and have no flying experience.

A day before this, Gulzar Ahmed, the Chief Justice of Pakistan called the director-general of the civil aviation authority (CAA) to explain the accusations of the dubious pilot licences of pilots who fly passenger aircraft in different airlines of the country and thus endanger lives of many people.

The director-general is ordered to make a brief report on this matter within two weeks. When the case is resumed after three weeks the directors of the PIA, AirBlue and Serene will also appear in the court with reports showing the pilots eligibility in their airlines.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) also responded to it which damaged the performance of CAA and PIA on the international level.

The PIA management has decided to ground the 150 pilots having fake licences and has demanded a list of all pilots who have fake commercial pilot licences, from the CAA.

However, the PIA has not been given the list of those pilots from the CAA, according to the sources. The PIA has taken action against these pilots and has ceased them to operate flights.

Moreover, the PIA Chief Executive Officer Air Marshal, Arshad Malik sent another letter on Thursday to the general director of CAA and Aviation Division Secretary for immediately providing the list of fake licenced pilots.

This list of dubious licenced commercial pilots will help the management to give further instructions for quick action, Malik further said.

Abdullah Hafeez, PIA’s spokesperson also said that these allegations would have adverse effects on PIA’s flight operations.

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