PM Imran Khan eases the lockdown and urges people to follow SOP's to control the spread

PM Imran Khan eases the lockdown and urges people to follow SOP’s to control the spread

The prime minister Imran Khan in Islamabad on Monday announces to unlock economy and ease the lockdown further. He also urged the nation to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to control the coronavirus from spreading.

He also stressed on the fact that the coronavirus is not going to stop, unless there’s any vaccine. Therefore, people should learn to live with it by following the precautionary measures.

After the meeting of a National Coordination Committee (NCC) in Islamabad, he addressed the nation saying that “a lockdown is not the solution for the coronavirus”, furthermore, he added that the purpose of a lockdown is to slow down the spread of the virus. He said, “It is not a solution. Let me repeat; a lockdown isn’t a solution or treatment.” 

He also said, ” I want to request all of you (the nation) to follow the SOP’s we have outlined to prevent the spread of this virus. If we don’t take precautions, then we will continue to suffer.” 

Moreover, he announced that the government has decided to reopen all business sectors except the ones where there’s still a danger of virus spread.

“The lockdowns have helped to lessen the pressure on the doctors and the medical staff”, he added, “If it were up to him, then he would never have imposed a lockdown like the one in the country, but due to the 18th amendment our provinces have the right to take their decisions.”

He also added that” the upper class and lower class people see the lockdown from different ideology, but me being the prime minister was looking at it with both ideologies.”

He also told, “In our country, there are 25 million such labourers that if they don’t earn their families will starve. So, I believed that these people would be affected by lockdown.”

“The world has agreed, the richest countries have concluded that the virus will spread no matter what. Nothing can be done about it. The virus will spread, and our death toll will also rise. I told you that from day one”, he warned.

The current situation of COVID-19 was reviewed thoroughly by National Coordination Committee (NCC) which decided to continue pursuing the policy of maintaining a balance between life and livelihood while ensuring strict implementation of SOPs to stop the spread of the virus,” according to the statement.

Keeping in mind about the overseas Pakistani, Imran khan addressed that “Right now, we are especially worried about the stranded Pakistanis which are labourers in UAE and Saudi Arabia. They send valuable remittances to us.”

He said, “Now, we have decided to bring them back and test them. If they test positive, then we will tell them to quarantine themselves in homes. Now we have decided to bring everyone back.”

Talking about the tourism sector, the prime minister said that tourism should be revived once again. Because in our country, there are many areas such as Gilgit Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtun Khwa where tourism lasts for a specific season and which is the source of income for many people living there. So, if this sector remains closed, then the people earning from it to survive, will starve.”

He also pleaded that we, as a whole need to be a responsible nation if we want to achieve a balance between poverty and virus.”

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