Teenager in Pakistan kills himself after failing to complete a task

Teenager in Pakistan kills himself after failing to complete a task

In the world we are living, people are always busy in using social media. They are spending most of their time using mobile phones. People have become addicted to it. Similarly, children are also using phones for playing games. Instead of playing practical games which makes them active, they are playing online games which are severely affecting their mental health.
Nowadays, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the worlds most over-played game. It is an online free-player game having millions of players. It is a video game having 3D visuals due to which the players get so addicted to it that they can’t stop playing it, which affects their physical and mental health.

A similar incident happened on Monday in the district Hanjarwal when a teenager boy named Muhammad Zakarya committed suicide for not being able to complete the task given in the game.

The boy killed himself by hanging himself on the ceiling fan, according to senior police officer Ghazanfer Syed.

“We found his mobile phone on the bed with the PUBG game on at that time near his body. We immediately called the Punjab Forensic Science Agency for further investigation into the incident”, he further added.
According to him, the reason behind this incident is absolutely addiction which let the boy took his life for he used to play the game for hours.
Many countries are thinking of banning PUBG for being a dangerous game, Ghazanfar Syed said.

On the day of the occurrence of the incident, the family went out, leaving the boy and another family member alone at home. The boy went into his room and locked it from inside and started playing the game, the SP said.
He also told that the family called the police and started the investigation.
The boy’s father Wajid Sohail told that he tried to stop the boy many times from playing the game, but he didn’t quit.

Moreover, the father also told about the boy’s addiction to the game that took his life.
It is noticed to be the fourth suicide in Punjab province associated with online games.

Recently, another online game called Blue Whale took the lives of many teenagers. The worrisome thing is that these games are becoming popular due to which children are attracted towards them and later on take their lives. Such games should be banned across the country so that the children can relate more to the real world rather than the virtual world.

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