The graph declined as coronavirus cases drop slightly

The graph declined as coronavirus cases drop slightly

During the past few days, the coronavirus cases have started decreasing. The cases have been falling for the five consecutive days as per the reports. Doctors and health experts are expecting it to be the start of the downfall of the novel coronavirus.

The health experts also hope that the decrease in the number of cases may continue further, but the number of deaths might be increased because many patients are on ventilators and their hope of survival is very low.
According to the latest reports, 78 deaths have been recorded along with 3,622 new coronavirus cases across the country, during the past 24 hours. Now, the total number of cases are recorded to be 191,022 and a total number of fatalities to be 3,808.

According to a ministry’s data, the recoveries have increased from 4,283 to 7,775. The nationwide recovery ratio is increased from 37% to 41.2%.
However, before this decrease in the number of cases, the daily number of cases were reported to be 4000-5000, according to the National Command and Operation (NCO) centre.

Although the number of cases has been reducing, the problematic thing is that from the past few days, the number of tests which had reached around 32,000 has now decreased to 25,000.

The federal minister of Pakistan, Asad Umar warned the nation saying that if the number of cases remained on increasing at the same rate, then there will be one million cases till the end of July. By June 15 the administration has discovered areas in 20 big cities having a high number of cases and imposed a lockdown on these areas to stop the spread of the virus. The government has named them as smart lockdowns.

A pulmonologist, Dr Mohammad Akram, said that these smart lockdowns have helped to stop the coronavirus spread in other areas.
An official said that, although the number of deaths has been decreased it can increase in the coming days since almost 550 patients are on ventilators having little chances of survival. As the graph has started descending, so we will hold a meeting on Saturday (June 27) to discuss the expected number of cases in the coming days.

Dr Zafar Mirza, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Health, said that as far as the trends are related, we can hope that the path is in the right direction, but it would be too early to conclude anything about it.

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